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Osteopathy treatments at our clinic

Osteopathy is a highly effective way of addressing pain or mobility issues in the body and can be used alongside existing treatments or drug therapy. Using gentle manual adjustments, osteopathic treatment can be beneficial for a variety of health issues ranging from lower back pain or joint problems to headaches and sports injuries.

Often a person’s symptoms (other than in cases of acute trauma) take a long time to develop. A number of complex interacting factors, such as poor general posture in the work place, previous accidents or injuries, falls, surgeries, illnesses, pregnancies, or even major dental work, may be affecting how well you are feeling. Osteopathy seeks to find and treat the areas which are inhibiting or preventing your body from functioning at its optimal level.

Whether your pain is caused by injury or day to day stress and wear and tear, osteopathy is a gentle and safe way to help your body feel fitter and stronger.

Often bad posture or repetitive strain on certain parts of your body can cause stress and inflammation to occur in the surrounding muscles and joints, resulting in pain and stiffness. Osteopathic treatment focusses on the underlying issues causing the problem as well as making manual adjustments to relieve tension and improve your natural alignment so that your body does not develop new aches and pains.

Your osteopathic treatments with us

The first thing you can expect from an osteopathic treatment at the Wimbledon Village Osteopath, is a friendly welcome. We think that your environment can have an impact on your treatment, so from the moment you step foot in our practice, we will do everything to make you feel comfortable and happy.

During your first session with one of our osteopaths, Harley or Nicola, they will focus on your overall health, any historical issues, as well as an assessment on your current mobility and posture. Osteopathy is very hands-on. Osteopaths will diagnose through a combination of taking a case history, palpatory skills and standard medical orthopaedic tests. They will also talk to you to find out what other factors might be relevant and may suggest certain exercises to do, and some lifestyle changes, to help alleviate symptoms and prevent recurrence. This first assessment is very thorough as the osteopaths will want to work out what is going on and formulate a plan for effective treatment.

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